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Thread: What’s the most Lo-Fi recording you put on vinyl?

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    I love this artist (Liz Harris) and got this album on vinyl, even though I don't see much difference between an mp3 version of this recording vs the vinyl version. Is it a bad pressing? or am I a fool to demand a better sound from an album that is deliberately lo-fi and murky? I understand that the vinyl listening is the combination of the ritual of listening to the whole record + a very specific sound. If I wanted a clearer sound, obviously I'd go for a CD. So, here's the question - any point in acquiring such records? Is there a noticeable difference in quality between a vinyl version and a digital Kodi Lucky Patcher nox version, when it comes to lo-fi?
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    I'm lost now. Why would anybody expect a higher fidelity from a deliberately low fidelity mix? If you want better quality then you shouldn't reduce it so much, surely?

    mp3, vinyl, CD, DVD, or even cassette - low fidelity music doesn't actually have what you'd be listening for in the differences between media? Sticking simulated vinyl surface noise on a real vinyl release is kind of pointless, isn't it?

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