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Thread: What are the most important steps for a good sound after reocrding it..?

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    What are the most important steps for a good sound after reocrding it..?

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    Helo. I am trying to properly mold my recordings after I get them trough my sound card in my computer but still I can't understand in which order do I have to use Gain staging, compressor, Equalizer and if there is anything else.

    Thank you anyone for support.

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    I don't think there's a 'right' answer, but generally speaking, this is the template I start with:

    Start with plugins that won't modify the tone/sound, but help prepare the audio like:

    - gain staging via Logic's built in track parameter, or a dedicated gain plugin
    - noise gate (if needed)
    - enveloper (sometimes I use a send for this so I can adjust the 'punch' on all my tracks)
    - de-esser (vox only, this is so the processing done later with eq/comp gets a clean signal)

    Then I move on to basic processing:

    - virtual console (Slate Digital) to give it an analogue sound
    - EQ/Compression (muck around with different ones, change the order and let your ears decide)

    Then finally, any extras like:

    - doubling, stereo spread, sonic enhancers etc.

    I generally don't put any delay or reverb on the tracks themselves, I always use sends for those. What helped me the most was just using presets followed by a ton of experimenting...

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    What are the most important steps for a good sound after reocrding it..?
    If the sound is good, then just stay out of the way.

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