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Thread: Stereo question

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    Stereo question

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    The back of the yamaha psr s975 has quarter inch outputs marked R and L/L+R. That being the case I take a single line from the L+R and record onto a single track should mean I'm getting a stereo string sound on one track even though it can't be panned and get the width of stereo field from coming out of both onto two tracks . Can anyone confirm that you can get a stereo sound on one track ? Or otherwise what am I actually getting if one line out states L + R.
    Update I think I just answered my own question in my own head . It probably means I'm getting all the stereo recorded data of the sound in one line and it's recorded as a mono track being on one track . Ie the identical sound in either channel of panned . Is this correct ?

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    It is mono. The L+R means both channels come out in one mono track. They keyboard senses when you have only one cable plugged in and routes everything to the one jack.

    For stereo, you need two cables.

    Oops, just read your update, that is correct.

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    yeah you figured it out...

    Stereo is a pretty cool thing (Thank you Alan Blumlein)

    On the modern digital pianos most all of the "patches" are designed to be heard in stereo and do not sound even close to as cool in mono.

    Sadly for years I wasted my time and money trying multiple single "Keyboard" amps trying to get the sound I heard at Guitar Center live or when I used headphones. All to my dismay and wonder... Then while reading through some threads on the yamaha Motifator forums I learned why..They must be played through a spread stereo system...not a single box with two speakers and two tweeters that is called a stereo amp ...Though in theory it is stereo, when you set two speakers together that are left and right stereo in real world it is a stereo signal being sent out that is blurred into a mono sound...with out the separation you are hearing a "Mono" sound. lesson learned if you want to hear the pianos and other sounds as they were deigned to be heard ( amazing) they sound a ton better in headphones or through a stereo system rather than a mono system. If you are playing keys get two amps and spread them or go through the PA for live and most always record in stereo.
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