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Thread: Singer/Songwriter recording

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    Singer/Songwriter recording

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    I'm seeking advice on how to record a singer playing acoustic guitar, one mic around the head area seems to work, but is it common to mic the guitar as well?

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    It IS common, but phase issues may arise between the two mics.

    If the player is used to performing live, he/she is probably coversant with getting right on top of a vocal mic. In this case, a supercardioid dynamic will work if the performer is able to stay within the small pickup pattern. Pop filter this mic to taste, ranging from none to fairly heavy - you'll know when you've gone too far because the vocal will start to sound muffled.

    Using a supercardiod mic will help minimize phase issues when micing the guitar, and willl let you be pretty flexible in mic choice. Condensers are popular for micing acoustic guitar and there a WHOLE bunch of them out there to choose from. Do a search in the microphone forum.

    Be sure the strings are new and the guitar is well set up.

    One trick that I've used to good effect is to have the player and his chair sit on a 4 X 6 sheet of 1/2" or 3/4" plywood. It seems to fill out the sound in a way you just can't get from a reverb box...

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