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Thread: Using a mixer with TASCAM DR-5 for podcast?

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    Using a mixer with TASCAM DR-5 for podcast?

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    I've been using a TASCAM DR-40 (sorry about the mistake in the title) for the last year to record my podcast, then I edit in audacity and post. I had been using two mics with it for better audio quality, but now I have been getting chances to talk with more than one person and really don't like to use the internal mics for sound since I'm not great at editing background noise.

    I know that I need a mixer if I want to use more than 2 mics, but I don't know anything about them. Can I use any kind of mixer, does the mixer need to have a USB port and if not, is there a way to make the two work compatible?

    A buddy of mine has a MODEL FP42 Stereo mixer he said I can use, but I have no idea if it's compatible.

    Do I just need to buy new equipment? I'm on a really tight budget, but someone recommended the MACKIE 1202VLZ4. Is that the way to go? I'd like a three or four mic set-up. It doesn't have to be anything really fancy, just reliable.

    Sorry about all the questions, I'm learning as I go. And thanks.
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    You could do that and maintain your existing workflow by simply running the outs of any mixer into your existing field recorder. The main problem is you are recording in stereo. That works fine for 2 people, but in the above scanario your 2 tracks will have all your microphones assigned to them on your mixer by panning the channels (either L or R). Going forward you can no longer seperate those mics for editing individually.

    To do that you must move into the world of audio interfaces(AI). The AI is a device that combines a microphone preamplifier and AD/DA converter with an interface(USB, Firewire,.) that allows digtal audio communication with a computer. Your project would require an AI with multiple inputs. An current example that has several inputs would be the Tascam US-16X08. You would not need an additional mixer with this device. All mixing except mic gain is done in the computer. Often podcasters will use a recorder like your DR-40 to record the live feed for backup purposes in case you have a pc issue,. and field interviews of course.

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