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Thread: Need to purchase a USB Microphone for home podcasting

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    Question Need to purchase a USB Microphone for home podcasting

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    My budget is around $500, I'm a value shopper and I know just the very basics about recording audio. Is there a noticeable difference in sound quality between USB microphones and XLR mics? I'm looking to streamline with the equipment I already have (my Mac) so I'm more interested in finding a quality USB Microphone but Iím not sure if I want a condenser mic or a dynamic mic because I donít know which type captures better sound quality?

    Are there any noise canceling accessories (besides the pop filter) that are suggested to reduce external noises for clearer sound quality? Are there any wireless microphone headsets worthy of podcasting?.... (I like to move around when talk)

    Iím basically looking for the best USB Microphone possible around $500 to simply plug and play with my Mac. Iíve been told that once I gain experience and understand the recording process better that Iíll want a preamp to boost my signal.

    Does it make more sense to purchase a decent usb mic for around $200 and spend the rest of my budget on a preamp or does it make more sense to purchase a quality usb mic upfront and worry about the preamp later?

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    Personally I would *not* buy a USB mic.

    The better way is to get a USB interface (eg: CEntrance MicPortPRO) which includes phantom power, a good mic. pre. and a good headphone amp. and then plug the mic. of your choice into this.

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    You can find podcasting bundles with a mic, shock mount, pop filter, and sometimes even a boom at substantial savings. Often feature the Heil PR40, ElectroVoice RE20, or the Shure SM7B. It will still need an XLR to USB interface. If you are still looking for USB, I don't recommend the Rode Podcaster dynamic mic, but the Shure PG42 and the MXL .009 USB are both good podcasting mics.

    Many people like the Rode NT1A XLR mic.

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