Hi all,

So I ended up buying the ATR2100 a while ago and wanted to let you know my experiences.

I also wanted to see whether you could listen to a couple of recordings and tell me what I could do to improve the quality of the sound. We basically report on combat sports (just like on the news) and we're attempting to make videos of similar quality.

Here's an example of what we consider a good news video edit: Australian Open 2016: Novak Djokovic hits Andy Murray for six

And here are a couple of examples of our own work:

I find that if I don't speak really close to the microphone it's simply too quiet, but when I speak closely (first video) it picks up the sound of my lips sort of flicking, hard to explain but you should be able to tell I'm talking too close.

The first video was edited and recorded with windows movie maker, the second one is with the mac software.

Can you recommend any better software (yet nice and simple) that I should use over windows movie maker for this? Needs to be a windows program. Also are there any simple things I could do to help with the microphone recording?