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Thread: Looking for a Mixer for Live Streaming

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    Looking for a Mixer for Live Streaming

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    Hey, my name is type and I am a live streamer on I am in the Market for a Mixer and need your help!

    I am looking to upgrade and completely overhaul my entire audio setup. I am currently using a dual computer setup to stream with my "primary" PC playing the actual game and running my VoIP (Discord, Teamspeak, Mumble etc). I am sending a signal via HDMI to my "streaming" pc that has an capture card (Elgato HD60PRO) that sees my primary pc and clones the screen. The streaming PC is using an program called OBS that allows me to live stream my gameplay, webcam, microphone, music, etc to On my Primary PC I am currently using audio repeater to send my audio and microphone to my streaming PC. Currently using an Audio Technica at2020 USB Microphone plugged into the Primary PC. I will be upgrading this and in suit my whole audio config and setup.
    I will be going to either a Shure SM7b, Electro Voice RE-20 or Heil PR-40. Im leaning towards the Shure SM7b and to that Ill be adding a Cloud Lifter and a Mixer to help me complete my needs. Now here is the tricky part, I know very little about the whole audio scene and I feel far out of my league here. I will say that I am not looking for that purest natural sound that thousands of dollars will get you. I do want things to sound nice, and don't want to run into noise and interference as well as want to have enough gain to run the microphone.

    So now onto my Mixer needs and desires. I plan to run (2) Sound cards on my primary PC, sending the gaming / desktop audio to the 1st Sound card and VoiP to my 2nd Sound card. Both cards will be routed into the Mixer. My Shure SM7b will feed into the Mixer as well as 1-2 other XLR Microphones that will be used for guest appearances. A Tablet will feed into the mixer to play music and also run a soundboard that can be used live and in real time. Now as far as I know all of these things are rather normal and basic and most mixers can deal with this. So where I start to wonder is that I want the Mixer to have some FX capabilities. I am an entertainer and these could come in handy with helping out liven up the mood and overall just be fun. Again this needs to be on the mixer as my streams are 100% live and have 0 post processing done, its all live and its only me running the show. Another question I have is if there is a mixer out there that would allow all of this plus have multiple audio outs, one main audio out to goto the streaming PC to send all the sound as a final result to be sent into OBS and Livestreamed. The other is a needed audio out to allow my headphones to connect to the Mixer, and with this I need to have the option to exclude specific sources. For an example I don't want to always have to hear my own XLR Inputs in my headphones. So the main audio out will need them but my secondary audio out will need selective inputs muted, is this possible?

    Mixer Needs:
    2-3 XLR Inputs
    Phantom Power
    Decent Preamps
    Audio level Faders over turn knobs
    Decent EQ per input
    FX on Mixer
    Multiple Audio Out
    At least one Audio Out have the ability to mute channels while the other doesn't mute said channels.

    Again I have never dealt with XLR, Mixers, etc. The highest level of experience I have is a Soundcard installed into a single gaming rig. So all of this is just thoughts, ideals, and a ton of reading / research but I have no clue how possible it is, or how feasible. Thank you for any help and insight you may have for me and my quest!

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    Have a look at the new Soundcraft Signature series--maybe the Signature 10. It has slightly more inputs than you want but my first rule of mixer buying is to always leave a bit of expansion room because there's always something else you want to plug in that you haven't thought of. Also, I honestly don't know of any super small (2-3 mic input) mixers that fit your decent pre amps and decent EQ spec--the Signature is about the cheapest with decent quality.

    If you ever might want to multitrack record, might be worth upgrading to the 12 MTK version.
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