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Thread: Help! Guiding remote podcast co-host in recording better audio

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    Well, I listened to it and it sounds like there's a host of things to consider here. Given the dynamic range of his natural speaking voice, monitoring might make the problem worse unless you can feed him enough volume to hear himself well. If he doesn't get enough volume out of his headphones, then he'll try to compensate with his voice. He may also not be used to his voice and think it sounds weird, but the monitoring thing definitely makes it easier for him to hear how loud he is.

    Regarding his sound quality, the plosives issue may be less related to monitoring and more related to the lack of a pop filter. He needs a good pop screen or, if he doesn't care for the round filter, a foam mic tip.

    From there I'd gate and then compress. His "reverb" sound is prob just typical open-space room noise from being in an apartment. I record our podcast right near our AC unit, but with the gate on and being right up on the pop-filter and the mic, we hardly get any background noise. Which surprises me frankly.

    If they're serious about the podcast thing and willing to sink a little bit of money into it, then I'd do three things.
    1. Get that guy the aforementioned pop filter.
    2. Show him (or send him) an interface. Just get a used M Box or, better yet, a Scarlett Solo.
    3. Consider having them use one of those phone-in website services that people use for radio shows or podcasts. They should have better signal quality the Skype, but maybe not. I haven't used Skype much, so I can't say what their skills are.

    On the plus side, they have good personality together so they're very listenable. Better than me and my co-host so far. We're brand new and still developing our "mic personalities". Good luck man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clowney View Post
    He plugs in headphones to the laptop so he can hear the skype call, but he isn't hearing his own audio, so it really just comes out sounding terrible, with either tons of plosives or tons of reverb - or sometimes even both, depending on how he's positioned. Essentially, typical problems one gets when recording without listening. I'm trying to come up with advice on how to change his setup so he can at the very least hear both the skype call AND his own audio. I figure if he can just hear himself, he'll be more likely to adjust his own behavior to minimize the plosives, etc.

    I don't use headphone to hear myself, as mentioned before, I hate the sound of my own voice. If he does have the 7b mic, it takes at least 60 dbs of clean gain. You nailed it on getting his own recorder. If he is going from mic to mac without using the ASIO file, if he has a cheap sound card, it will effect his file.

    Tell him to turn his mic at a 20 or 30 degree angle from his mouth and stay about 2 to 3 inches from it when he speaks. This will cut about 90% of the plosives out and give great mic presents. This will also make the room he is recording in sound better. Also have him stack pillows on both sides as well as the rear of his mic to keep out the reverb. You would be amazed how effective this is.

    Is this more of a software question than a hardware question, or do I need to address both hardware and software problems here?

    Honestly, it is Murphy's 32 law of audio. "The pool stick don't make the player". You can have the best gear as well as software and if you break the laws of audio, you will get sub par audio recordings. Your friend needs to learn proper mic technique as well as do a little sound treatment in his recording area. Most mics have a 1 to 2 inch sweet spot and when you get out of that range, your voice quality goes out the window.

    Can anybody here advise..?

    Thank you!

    p.s. if you'd like to hear for yourself, go straight to the last episode, and skip to the 3 minute mark.
    Monica! The Podcast by Daniel Rogge & Tracie Potochnik on Apple Podcasts
    I did download your audio. He sounds very thin. I think he would sound much better moving closer to the mic. I also played around with 4 or 5 min between the host and co host. Try cutting his side around the 200 freq range around -8dbs. This will sometimes help get the "I am recording in a unfinished basement with no carpet" effect out. He also has a very wide freq range. Most people don't make it into the higher end spectrum. He is hitting the 20k range.

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