Has anyone ran into problems using a USB mic with win7? I cannot no matter what I do get this mic or any other mic to give sound over the speakers. I have a Creative SB Live 24 bit card with a 5.1 speaker setup .. A new CVL-1084 USB mic, it is seen by win 7 and at times you can use win recorder and replay and just ever so lightly hear in the background the recording, I've tried every setting in win 7 record and know how to choose and set up devices. Your green bar level meter actually shows a little activity and it only increase when you bang the mic on the desk, other than that nothing, no voice nothing. I thought the switch was bad so I soldered direct on all the time, that did not help and still the mic is seen on the USB port. Is this the sound card or windows drivers doing this or what. At this point I have no idea what mic to buy since I have no way of knowing if anything will work with win7. I'm about ready to put the boot to the mic and throw it in the garbage. I would have been better off just buying one of those 9 dollar specials with the speech trial included. Any ideas would be welcomed