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Thread: Recording Drums: Need help recording cymbals

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1Drumz View Post
    So like a high pass filter?
    Here's a high shelf boost:


    Here's a high pass filter:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Farview View Post
    No. A high pass filter takes away everything below a certain frequency. A high shelf boosts or cuts everything above a certain frequency. It's what a treble control does.

    On a parametric EQ, you will have a high shelf, a low shelf and one or two sweepable midrange controls. If you are lucky, the high and low shelf will have a frequency control to set the corner frequency.

    The difference between what you hear on CDs vs. the natural sound is just EQ. A lot of times, the lower mids are attenuated and the upper frequencies are boosted to get them to sparkle.
    You were right with high shelf by the way. I dabbled with EQ a bit and boosted the upper frequencies quite a bit, added some ambiance and reverb, and also cut some from the 450Hz range, and sounds a lot more like what I was looking for. It was that simple apparently.

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