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Thread: Recording (creating) higher vocal parts than I can sing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daddio307 View Post
    Back in the days of cassette recording, I just put the tape on half speed, sang the higher parts and then when I played it back at regular speed you would hear the higher harmonies that I could not produce with my regular voice. So my question is, with digital recording (I am using an older Boss BR600 digital 8track) is it possible to record a vocal and play it higher, and how do you do it? Thanks.
    the very best thing you could do,
    would be to find a friend, with a great voice,
    and have him/her sing the backups.

    what you add to the music,
    is another level of interest that would not have been there using tricks,
    and the end result might surprise you.
    collabs rock.

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