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Thread: Quick stereo XY Question

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    Quick stereo XY Question

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    Sometimes, when I read certain articles about setting up mics for stereo XY recording, I see the illustrations of the mics with one on top of the other and sometimes their grills are almost touching on a horizontal plane.

    A quick and dirty illustration of what I mean:

    Setup A: Mic grills crossed, like so - X
    Setup B: Mic grills almost touching, like so - /\

    Which is correct? If they both work, what are the differences in sound, if any?

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    The "X" is going to sound "more stereo" (similar to ORTF, which puts them "about a head apart") and the "proper" XY (grilles taking up almost the same spot in space) is going to be more mono compatible (as the sound is hitting both elements within several microseconds of each other).

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