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Thread: Problem with Adobe Audition

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    Unhappy Problem with Adobe Audition

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    I'm having a big problem and it's hard for me to put it into words - whenever I record, the actual recorded track shows up a tiny bit later than where I set the recording to start. I had to zoom in a lot to see find this, but it seems like such a weird problem to have, and it has really screwed up some of my songs because of the changes in alignment of the tracks. Also, when I record with a click track - perfectly in tempo with what I am hearing, it starts out fine on playback but later it always ends up being unaligned. I have no idea what is wrong with Audition/my computer/my sound card. I'm using a Delta 1010 sound card. The stuff is recorded with either a Nady CM 88 or a Shure SM 57 and I run it through a Behringer Eurodesk mixer.

    Please help me figure this out!

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    danny.guitar Guest
    Sounds like a sync/drift issue, and Adobe Audition has settings for each (at least in 1.5 which is the version I have).

    Make sure you're recording at a sample rate/bit depth that the 1010 is capable of. And make sure that you have those set in the Delta control panel as well as the project settings in Audition.

    You can go to:

    Options -> Settings -> Multitrack tab and check the boxes:

    Correct for Drift in recordings
    Correct for Start Sync in recordings

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