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Thread: Preamp pedal and Focuscrite ISA Two : better together or waste of money?

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    Preamp pedal and Focuscrite ISA Two : better together or waste of money?

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    Hi there!

    I've just purchased a Focuscrite ISA Two preamp and I've been wondering if it would be useless to buy one of those Tech 21 preamp for my bass. Would it add something or would the ISA two just be enough to improve my sound? In this case I'd just have to get an equalizer to adjust frequencies. I have to say that I don't have an amplificator.

    The question may sound dumb but I'm interested in your opinions!

    Thanks a lot

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    The ISA is there to provide clean, quality, low noise amplification. Probably most often used as a microphone preamplifier but it has instrument inputs so it's perfectly suitable for direct recording bass too.
    The Tech 21 is (a di box and) more about shaping the tone. It's got your eq and drive and a few other options so it's not about transparency or precision.

    In short, they're two different tools and there's nothing dumb about using them together.
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    No not at all. A bass preamp is a great investment in my personal opinion and has a much greater effect on sound than a standard DI/mic pre. I run a bass preamp myself and at this point wouldn't record direct without it.

    I personally would have a look at either the Darkglass B7k or Vintage Deluxe depending on what you prefer for bass tones. They both can be had used around $150 or so on reverb for the V1 model.

    The reason why I think this: I feel the B7k (doesn't have to be the ultra model) has more tone shaping for bass and the overdrive sounds nicer should you want it compared to the Tech 21 sansamp bass driver DI.
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