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Thread: Neve !073 or 1073 clones

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    It may depend on the clone too. From what I read, there’s a special circuit for the last 30dB(?) of boost on a real 1073 and my clone for one uses a different circuit. So it may not technically have that sweet spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toastedgoat View Post
    I usually use mine at around 35-40 with my condenser mics, and 50 or 45-50 with the dynamic mics. I was just curious because I kept hearing about how sweet the coloring effect of a 73 is on rock vocals when you push them hard. Yet I've never seen one video with anyone pushing them way up there. So I've guessing hard is above 30 or so?
    The thing is, those numbers don't really mean anything. You set it between 35-40 with YOUR condenser. But with a more sensitive condenser, 35-40 is going to be hotter. With a less sensitive condenser, 35-40 is going to be less hot.

    Really all that happens when you crank up the input gain is you start to distort the signal in/out of the transformers. You get more of that distortion the higher you crank the input gain. There's no standard number on the dial where that starts to happen. It depends on the input source, input impedance, and whether you're running into the instrument, mic, or line input.

    As much as I'm annoyed by vague advice, this is one of those times where "turn the knob until it sounds right to you" applies.

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    Ive read a lot about these "Neve" color, transformer dirt....dist...of the good kind.

    Does anyone have a great link to some examples? Over drive vs Clean etc of the Neve IN/OUT transformer kind.
    I get the concept, and understand the overdrive the output transformer input.. ....

    but is it really noticeable? or is it a squint to hear it type distortion?

    Ive had clean preamps and transformer preamps and especially the Joe Meek new one has In an Out button for IRON and it was hardly noticeable to my ears.

    compression is the color monster tool, imo...

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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