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Thread: More choirs and serious church music

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    More choirs and serious church music

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    Old topic from 3 weeks ago/

    Another job came in this week - rush one for tomorrow. Big choir singing Beethoven plus another choir performing some Fauré. Event planned ages ago, and suddenly they want video and audio recording. They want DVD and CDs - no downloads or youtube type distribution. As it's not too far away, I've been for a site visit today, despite them giving me all the info 'I needed'. Big English church, nice but old organ, choir stalls, then going in tomorrow are risers for the choir, and the Beethoven has piano accompaniment, the Fauré gets the organ. Quite a few absolute rules. NO centre microphone possible because of *a misunderstanding of) Health and Safety rules, plus wheelchair access. Then I spot a distinct lack of power outlets. I find some near the organ but 'they are for the lighting man', then I find a nice one on the right side just where I could put the equipment but no, 'they are for the lighting man'. I find two at the rear, which means a 30m run, but I can have one of them because 'they are for the lighting man', but he only needs one of them. I fell over a pile of ancient thyristor dimmers which I'm going to be sharing power outlets with - and they're also a make known here for being rather nasty in the filtering stakes. They will permit a GoPro on the steps in front of the Altar - which would be a nice reverse angle for the choir, but the big window central faces West, and the concert is 30 mins before sunset.

    The Rood screen is made of metal, so I might be able to mount a couple of omnis on the centre arch which will be nice for the organ, but centre position above the conductor is absolutely out. So my low down stereo mic might be used again, just in front of the conductors podium. Nightlines are critical as the event is being photographed too, so from the very odd lighting plan they gave me - done by a keen amateur I suspect, will mean I will have to mount the cameras in this area.

    I do have plenty of lights they could borrow - but clearly the lighting fella is collecting power from all over the place as there is so little.

    Distance is a killer on some of the mics though. I've just made up some 25m long XLR cables.

    I think I've sorted most of the problems I might get, but one camera will be nearly 40m from the action - so that's going to be interesting syncing up with a huge delay in the audio track. Not needed for the sound but handy for the video sync.

    Looks like I'll actually have two separate systems, one for organ section and a different one for the remainder of the production. I wonder how well they will blend together?

    Other oddities? It seems that at some point a soloist is going to sing from "the pulpit" - now I can only see one of these, and it's very high up, so I'm guessing they really mean one of the two leader positions - this will be interesting.

    Years ago - I'd have been quite stressed by the unplanned nature, but now thinking on my feet with time pressure is quite fun, and makes a nice change from being in my studio, recording the same overdub time and time again.

    Does anyone else do location type stuff of this kind?

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    Why not use wireless mikes at the stage and receivers wherever you find power to put the recording gear.

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