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Thread: Mic input too weak

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorisMusic View Post
    I can go to 0db but only at 95% gain knob. The interface will go full but hissing and distortion will then start to muddy up the track and this is raw no editing.

    I followed another tutorial using 2 condensers, my scarlett and behringer C1. In front of sound hole right next to each other facing 45degrees with respect to guitar (one towards bridge and one towards the 12th fret. I panned them left and right but only a slightly better result. I'm unsuccessfully filling up all the available music space and my recordings still come out too centered even when panning.
    Try this: NO mics plugged in*, phantom power off. Gains at max, record 30secs. Post it (attach 320k MP3 please) . If fairly quiet, do again with spook juice on. A third recording with gains at minimum should give you a noise floor close to -90dBfs, if not, crap interface IMHO.

    *Yes, best to have a shielded 150 Ohm termnation but I find it only makes a few dB of improvement.


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    I'm thinking the interface too after the results so far. I find it difficult to NOT go over virtually full gain to get to 0dB seems a fault?

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