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Thread: kick/bass approach

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    I realized I've used this thread to describe the overall putting- a -track- together +and -recording- it processes I'm currently
    involved in;as a sounding board to open up my approach to and possibly get some feedback about the way I'm going about things..rather than continuing to focus on the thread topic, which is something I wouldn't mind more tips/info/perspectives specific-

    Types of electric bass sounds used in a context where the bass plays a repeated pattern and is featured w/drums in a simple mix contrasted w/the bass holding down the bottom in a larger mix w/more instrumentation,especially in terms of the range the bass plays in and whether a string sound w/a lot of highs is used(former)or whether it is pitched lower w/more low range frequency representation in the EQ approach and what kinds of kick sounds work w/each...this has been touched on in some of the replies here in terms of where in the frequency spectrum the bass/kick are centered...

    Also related to this,I'm wondering about how much the kick/bass play the same rhythmic patterns in different mix concepts I.e. how" busy"a kick part played w/a bass line might be...and vice versa when the bass is in a supportive role to contribute to and set up the groove as opposed to when it plays a repeating bass line...

    Listening to the mix yesterday I decided to edit the bass part in sections where it was playing the same part as the kick/keyboard patterns....and liked the result of just using it to hit the first beat of the bar and double some of the other rhythms much better...

    Coming from a background in live performance as well as being focused on things rhythmically overall(putting drum track together and setting things up in terms of it)I think what I 'm doing may be a little more complex than may be needed for the contexts I want to be able to market my tracks for and have them be viewed as viable as opposed to being seen as tracks for a more "instrumental radio categories "like "smooth jazz" in all its various subcategories...

    Listening to the types of 30-60--90 second tracks used in commercials which I have developed a lot of material for ( as well as longer 2-4 minute tracks like what I'm currently putting together;the marketing concept for these involves using 30-60-90 sections of them as well as the complete track)I hear the kick used a lot less in the mix and would be interested in people's feedback about this type of thing ....
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    I'm kinda lost, could you simplify the question?
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    Definitely man ..BTW appreciate your post w/great info from the other day when I started the thread.....
    Just in general asking about different approaches to kick/bass in different styles based around funk/R+B/latin in terms of-

    -kinds of sounds used for each instrument and what works w/what(i.e.Nola's post above)

    -approach to parts played by each in different mixes

    -kick parts heard in commercials on TV that are less busy it seems than on more "instrumental "versions of the same kind of rhythmically focused grooves

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