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Thread: I want to buy audio-technica m40x headphones. Has anyone?

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    Lightbulb I want to buy audio-technica m40x headphones. Has anyone?

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    I want to use them in addition to recordings in the booth and mix. I already have beyerdynamic dt770pro and akg 240studio. I heard they have a lot of bass. Worth buying?

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    I have a pair of all three cans you mentioned. By far.......the DT770pro is the best to mix on IMO of the three. The m40x cans are indeed bassy and the bass does tend to bleed too much into the low mids.....which makes them too difficult to mix with. If you're looking for a lot of bass for any reason......these are bassy.....but only fairly accurate. The K240 cans have very little bass and the upper highs are cut off. The m40x and the k240 also have a narrower sound stage than the DT770. Just my 2 cents worth.
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    I've got a pair of ATH-M40x that I use when I'm recording vocals with... I don't find them to be too "bassy" but I've only got a bunch of "consumer" headphones to compare them with, all of which have more bass. I've since "upgraded" to a pair of ATH-M50x which I like the sound of a little better for recording/monitoring at home, and left the M40x's at the office. I'd probably go with the ATH-M50x also considering most developers (plugins, etc...) seem to support the M50x and not the M40x just in case that matters. I like both sets, and would buy them again, but M50x has a slight advantage in my books.

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