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Thread: hybrid signal flow

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    Post hybrid signal flow

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    Have watched several UT videos of signal flow using a mixer to combine a mic preamp and compressor before recording.
    My the mixer important? Before I blow up some gear I want to see if this would work.
    Condenser mic into Art Pro mic pre then into an Art Pro compressor then signal direct into a Tascam DP 03sd digital recorder.
    I'm aware this takes phantom power. Not a total Noob but close.

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    should work with only minor electrical fire and shock hazard. Just kidding

    It'll work ok. good for getting your feet wet. Beware, the rabbit hole is deep and fraught with bewildering characters. I was there 30 something years ago and I still feel like a noob. Granted I wasn't doing it for a living like a bunch of the folks here.

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    The phantom power is at your ART preamp - Then, the line level signal goes to your compressor. Then, the line level signal goes to your recorder. Line level input, no phantom.

    You may already know this. This is just for those that might not.

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