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Thread: How to record vocals/acoustic guitar separately?

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    How to record vocals/acoustic guitar separately?

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    What would be optimal way to record acoustic guitar and 2 vocal tracks separately at home?

    As I understand, its not doable with just Audacity and Samson Meteor Mic? Or is it? In that case cant find any tutorials whatsoever nowhere.

    Goal is not to professional recording by any means, but rather decent demo for myself and few others. Goal is to get one-person folk songs on tape (guitar part + main vocal + backup vocal). Its better to record tracks separately, because playing together - both - guitar and vocals are suffering a bit.

    What equipment (physical and software) is unavoidable?

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    You need to get a daw like reaper. Audacity is for editing single files, it isn't a fully functioning daw.

    I'm not familiar with the meteor Mic, so I can't help with that, but reaper will give you the capability to record different tracks and mix them.

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    You need microphone, interface, computer, DAW, monitoring system.

    Your Meteor is a mike combnied with interface, so that takes care of those.

    Reaper is as good a DAW as any, and you will get plenty of help with it here.

    To hear what you are doing, then what you have done, you need a monitoring system. Headphones will work. So will speakers.

    I don't know what monitoring the Meteor has (if any). Some of the USB mikes provide a headphone socket.

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    You COULD get the Samson USB mic and record the guitar part then add the two voices using Reaper but that takes some musical chops and some recording technique to do.

    The other way would be a separate 'proper' mic for guitar and each voice into a 4 way interface (no 3 ways AFAIK) such as the Behringer UMC 404HD. You would then have the ability to treat each track independently for level, maybe equalization, and make a stereo mix.

    Both of those techniques can be made to work but they are not the 'natural' way people perform their music. If you have a decent sized room at your disposal, church hall, empty pub stage, far better to setup a 'stereo pair' in the room and just 'do it' as an ensemble. The great thing about computer recording is that you can just set the kit running, jump on stage and do as many takes as you like.

    You can do the same in a smaller, domestic setting but better done in mono in such a case. Depending upon how 'fussy' you are this sort of thing can take a LONG time to get right! Least of your concerns should be the equipment so, decide on the MO then work out a budget to do that....THEN ffs ask here BEFORE you buy it all!

    There has never been a better time to buy technically really good hardware at frankly silly prices but TBH, all up with AI, mics. headphones, stands and cables you have to look at around $400US.


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    I watched a Neumann training class and they showed 3 different ways to record acoustic and vocals and reduce the sounds bleeding into each other. having a separate singer would be get the mic up close.

    record to separate tracks in a software too. then its easier to adjust volumes of each.

    you can make a demo with that mic.


    put the mic on the guitar, then sing and play .
    then do a track with just the guitar...or a couple tracks, pan them away from each other.
    then sing along with the guitar on separate tracks..
    then add some percussion maybe, slapping the back of the acoustic or a eggshaker, spoons whatever...

    then sit down and mix and add plugins to polish it up and get the demo to its best ability.

    Is the Samson Meteor Mic good for singing?
    Why We Liked It - The Samson Meteor mic makes for an affordable Blue Yeti alternative and provides industry level audio capture fit for a range of uses from Skype and YouTube video audio to voice recording and it's even a great mic for recording acoustic guitars and singing.May 29, 2020

    if it's not happening in the room, it ain't gonna happen on tape.-H.Gerst

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