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Thread: How to effectively simulate bass guitar with MIDI keyboard?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob aylestone View Post
    I like this new turn - but I'm left thinking that over the years, there's been a huge increase in home recording by non-musical people. Pattern based technologists, that are often mega creative but score bugger all on the musically competent scale. I've been playing bass instruments since I was 8 and have been amazed by those people who simply cannot play a bass, or guitar. These people usually got told to play bass because it's easier, which frankly I've always thought was a joke. Equally I've recorded a guy with a diploma in clarinet, who could open his music and sight read the most amazingly hard stuff - yet this guy when I asked him for a bit for level couldn't play anything as he'd left his music in the car. My mouth dropped. Play anything, doesn't matter what! No - he had to the car and get music to just give me 30 seconds so I could set the gain.

    What about the bedroom DJs? Are Technics 1200s musical instruments, if so DJs are musicians. if turntables are not musical instruments, they're not DJs - but an awful lot of them seem to make music successfully.

    Finally, on this Christmas morning, "home recording" is this audio waveforms only? VSTi and synth/sampling isn't home recording? Is the end product - the recording only valid if it was played by real people? If somebody spends hours programming a bass part that sounds as good or better than a real bass - that's not recording?
    I agree. What matters is the final product. How you get there is optional. It's different for everyone, and there's no "right" or "wrong" way.

    There's nothing wrong with utilizing MIDI, VSTi's, plug-ins, etc. to make music. These are the tools of our age--why wouldn't we avail ourselves of them?

    Did some composers refuse to switch from harpsichord to piano when the pianoforte was invented?

    I remember how Boston proudly refused to embrace synthesizers, insisting on sticking with their Hammond organs (they finally abandoned this stand after about 18 years of stubborn fealty to the past).

    Computer tools are just the latest in a long line of musical innovations throughout history. They're no more "fake" than the electric guitar was "fake" because it wasn't acoustic.
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