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Thread: Hot Rod Deluxe IV vs Peavey Rage158 home recording

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    Hot Rod Deluxe IV vs Peavey Rage158 home recording

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    Hi everyone, I'm new here and the reason I'm opening this thread is because I'm getting desperate...I've been learning (reading articles,wathing YT lessons, discussing with other musicians here in my town,practising with my own recordings etc) about mixing and recording for 2 years now and I developed taste for what my guitar should sound like for my songs. It's pretty much that straight forward direct "in your face" sound with little dirt and crunch.

    Now, the problem is I recorded the other day with my fresh new Fender Hot Rod Deluxe IV and I just can't get it. I recorded it in small room which is 4by4 meters and I have on 3 walls acoustic panels (not the whole walls covered) and in each corner i have bass traps. One wall has window so I just put a matress on it.
    Next, I put SM57 right on the grill as close as I can, aimed at the center of the speaker.

    My EQ setting are alway around something like this: Treble between 9 and 12 oclock, Bass same as Treble and Middle and Presence around 3oclock with no reverb at all of course. I also use clean channel with OCD for overdrive and I generally like the sound when I'm playing with my band or even on my own in a room but I really don't like it when I record it.

    And now the funny thing... Yesterday I was frustrated and after recording with Hot Rod, I switched it and put little Peavey Rage 158 transtube (5or more years old) amp that survived a lot of shit) with 8" blue marvel speaker and the mic placement, room, and setting were all same and BOOM... I got that little dirty crunched "in your face" tone recording, little muddy but it was it.

    So my question is what the hell haha. Have I really spent so much money on amp that can't get me that thing even though I heard a lot of musicians have it. It confuses me because I know that 12" speaker and quality amp with SM57 is kind of standard for recording and I still get better results with small old Peavey amp.

    And the real question is what sould I do, what can I change? Is Hot Rod simply too powerfull for small room or is something with micing or anything else. Any suggestion is welcome and I'm very keen on getting good recordings with Hot Rod so really, any advice is welcome.

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    No, you need to experiment with mic placement - where on the speaker the mic is aimed, the angle of the mic, and the distance from the speaker.
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    What @mjbphotos said. When you are micing an amp, inches matter.

    Now, I'm assuming you were hearing a tone from the HRD that you liked, and just disappointed that the recorded track didn't come close to that. That's a pretty loud amp, so in a smallish space, you'll have a hard time hitting its sweet spot at less than deafening levels (IMO/IME). Earplugs suggested...
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    Yeah...big wattage difference between the two amps...and I bet you had the HRD cranked a lot louder than the Peavey.
    I'm just surprised you didn't try the Peavey before buying the HRD, I mean, if you were mainly buying it for recording.
    That said...I'm confident you can get great, better tones from the just have to find the sweet spots...and that small room may be working against you, or you just need to experiment.

    Don't look at the HRD like a waste of's a better amp than the Peavey, for sure.
    I've got quite a lot invested in high-end amps, and any 1-2 of them could cover most of my needs...but that hasn't stopped me from buying more high-end amps.

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