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Thread: deciding between two mics for 'one mic drum recording'

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    deciding between two mics for 'one mic drum recording'

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    I'm looking at the Rode NT1A or Audio Technica AT 4033.

    I've used Apex mics for recording acoustic drums, but I do like the test I did with recoding only with a friends AT 2050 for certain song styles. I would probably use the mic mostly for drums, but I'd probably use it for VOX as well. Both are on sale at local music places so they're in my price range.

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    Rode NT1A - It seems to always capture more details. Whether it's your vocals or an instrument like drums or guitar. For clarity, Rode products are pretty awesome. Granted you know how to work your audio interface, etc.

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    While I'm a big fan of Rode's mics, and considering that the AT4033 is probably just as good (haven't used one), I'll go out on a limb and suggest that the 5 most important thing in single micing a drum set are:
    1. The Room
    2. The Room
    3. Mic placement
    4. Mic Placement
    5. The microphone

    Single micing will require some distance to balance the various drums vs cymbals. That can quickly introduce a fair amount of room ambience, which might be hard to control. I've done single micing of a live drum kit outside and that worked OK. Given the option, I prefer at least a 3 mic drum setup.

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    I find the AT4033 to be an excellent utility mic and, without the intention to offend anyone, find the NT1A to be somewhat close to the worst microphone ever build. I would definitely choose the AT4033 👍

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