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Thread: click tracks- I don't get it?

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    hey all, I have a question abouting laying down click tracks or something and then using midi to experiment with which drums will sound better after I get all my real recording done. I will be using adat's with a brc, cakewalk 9, and of course trusty ol' drum machine. I would like to lay some sort of midi drum track to record to and then be able to sync up my sequences and change midi drums afterwards. I aprecciate all the help, SMPTE is a neat idea if I knew how to use it with both my recording and sequencing gear.

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    Dump your sequence from the drum machine to CW and orchestrate the MIDI output from there. You can always trigger the drum machine from the stored sequence in CW while switching back and forth between any type of click track you want from some other synth module, from a metronome beat to a full mix. CW will allow you to keep the tempos synced. I'll often take MIDI clips from stuff that I've recorded at one tempo and mix it seamlessly with stuff recorded at a different tempo by loading both of them into CW and
    mixing them into one .wrk file.

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