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Thread: Analogue Recording - Into DAW Or Out Of DAW? Into What And Out Of Where?

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    Analogue Recording - Into DAW Or Out Of DAW? Into What And Out Of Where?

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    I've found better sound quality is to be had by applying FX (namely reverb) from my outboard mixer than from my DAW. I can record back in to the DAW but only the sum of what comes from the DAW is possible, because the computer just can't output more than 2 channels. I'm nearly there... Nearly...! The results are wonderful but I want to take this to the next level and split the channels from the DAW somehow and record them simultaneously (but at different levels & EQ through the outboard mixer) through the mixer onto...

    Onto what...?

    How do I rig this? will I need a 4track recorder? And if so, do I rig it to send to the DAW or the other way around (from the DAW to the recorder?). I need to hear what's being recorded and what I'm recording onto.

    Could I record one track onto CD then have another track coming out of the DAW and back into the DAW and record the two together (through the mixer)? Or will I need two CD players? Or should I buy a digital 4-track instead? what about 4 CD players?! They are cheap enough these days.

    Does any of this make sense?

    Basically, I want to do analogue mixing, outside the DAW but using the DAW...

    No... try again...

    Ah sod it. I've lost myself...

    You know what I mean... Don't you???

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    I guess it depends on the DAW. many people are doing what you are talking about, Its called "Hybrid" mix of Digital and Anallog. usuallly you are only limited by the number of physical outputs you have on your interface as generally daws can rout tracks to whichever outputs you tell them. For example I have 8 physical outs on my interface so I can route various mono tracks or stereo submixes to any of those outs. Apply whatever FX and return the track to the DAW or infact sum the whole mix on an analog mixer and bring back into the DAW as a stereo track.

    If you only have 2 physical out puts it's still doable you may have to route, apply fx to one or 2 tracks at a time and them bring back and record into the Daw and then repeat until you are done which could get tedious if you feel the need to add fx to every track

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    I have a Presonus Firestudio and it allows you to send up to 8 separate outs from your computer. You could send those to your mixer and then come back into the ins on the firestudio and record to a new track. I thnk the problem is getting the individual post fader outs from your mixer, unless you have enough aux outs on your mixer. or do you just want to record the stereo out from your mixer?
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