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Thread: Xenyx q1202USB

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    Xenyx q1202USB

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    Hey all. First off this is my first post. We have a Xenyx q1202usb. When speaking into the microphone the sound/tone is low and distorted.The volume level is fine, I just sound like an evil demon. Why is it so distorted? Did I miss a button or knob?

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    Hi Ed, and welcome to HR.
    Is gain-staging a familiar term to you?

    Where you have more than point of gain, or opportunity to attenuate, it's possible to distort a signal then bring its level back down to a listenable volume without realising but, of course, it will sounds awful!
    If you had the preamp gain too high but then the master output low to compensate, that would maybe cause what you're hearing.

    If possible, it's best to post an mp3 clip of the issue.
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    Still with us Ed? Just noticed this thread (been in a post op'fug for 3 weeks!)

    As Mr S says, you are probably overloading the pre amp section, AKA "front end" especially if you are using a capacitor/condenser microphone.

    You need to set the Main Out control at around 12 o'clock and the channel level pot the same. Then crank the mic gain pot to get a couple of LEDs blinking on the meters.

    Slight rethink (still a bit fugged) Set the Mix Out slider to "0" Otherwise, as you were.

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