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Maybe..... Have you ever tried reading some of the old books? Certain types of paper will just disintegrate if you pull on it much. 50 year old newspapers can fall apart in your hand if they haven't been stored just right.

I think we have an easier chance of converting MP4 and VOB files to other digital formats in the future. Somebody somewhere will write an Mpeg4 to Mpeg100 or .h264 to .h634 converter.
well ..........

LOC is having a tough time keeping up with the changes

Newspapers are not meant to last. Books use better paper that is acid free so they will last longer.
I still have my college text books. all readable and usable. had books from my parents I recently gave away and were still readable.
But I tossed a lot of 8" floppies with no way to convert them.
Tossed a lot of 5" floppies with no time to convert them.
Tossed a bunch of diskettes with no time to convert them.
Will likely toss my zip disks for the same reason.
threw away my superdisks for lack of machine to read them when my pc reader died.