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Thread: Vocal + Midi Piano Studio Setup

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    Vocal + Midi Piano Studio Setup

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    Hello all,

    So... I'm trying to build a low- to mid-budget studio for recording vocals and using a midi piano controller with VSTi (either pianoteq or ivory italian grand).

    The options seem endless for this. My budget is up to $800.

    I found this

    complete studio recording package, which didn't seem too bad, this plus a midi keyboard would run about $500 (looking at either a 61 key keyboard or an 88). Adding in Ivory Italian Grand pushes it up to around $650ish, Ivory Grand Piano pushes it to around $900 I think (which might be worth it, i don't know).

    I'm making CDs for family and friends, I don't plan on selling them currently, but many of my friends and family like my voice and I want them to be able to listen whenever they want to good recordings.

    Suggestions are much appreciated!

    Thank you in advance,

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    I can't help you with the interface, but I'll just throw this in:

    If you are going for a piano-specific sound, and it certainly looks like you are, the only thing I would wonder about is playing what amounts to a 'grand piano' tone on what sounds like it is a synth interface.
    In other words, the synth probably won't have fully weighted keys with aftertouch, which is where 'fake piano realism' comes in for the player, in terms of touch of the keys. I have a Yamaha P80 which emulates 'real keys' quite well.
    Maybe for your style it will work fine, but that was just the one thing I saw in your package that I would mention. I don't know which controllers you have looked at.


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    Thanks for the info!

    I'm looking at this midi keyboard currently

    It has this in its description:

    88-note velocity-sensitive, semi-weighted action

    Anyone know how that would feel relative to an upright (my friend who's accompanying has only used uprights, no grands...)

    Also if anyone knows the sound difference between

    Rode NT1A microphone
    and the one that comes with the package

    CAD GLX2200 Condenser Microphone (with Shockmount)

    and this one that's significantly cheaper
    MXL 990 Condenser Microphone with Shockmount

    Such knowledge would be much appreciated!



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