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Thread: UPGRADING my voiceover/live streaming gear: Which (budget) interface to go for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoshead View Post
    Pardon for saying that, as that derailed the whole thread. It's doing a nice job, yes. Not going to change it immediately, but when i do, what would be a step up from my current UMC202?
    Step up in terms of what? In terms of sound quality, the interfaces you mentioned would have a marginal increase in quality if at all.

    So the only step up would have to be features that you need. What are your needs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrowsofFritz View Post
    Step up in terms of what? In terms of sound quality, the interfaces you mentioned would have a marginal increase in quality if at all.

    So the only step up would have to be features that you need. What are your needs?
    No particular needs, though that 4k switch on the SSL2+ would be handy, but probably too much for the mics i am using + it's not worth the price. I am only doing voiceover stuff anyways. I just wanted to hear the differences on those AI that i listed vs the one i have now. I have tried going through several youtube videos, and apparently, they do not offer much more than what the UMC202HD already offers, especially in terms of actual sound quality.

    And yes, you lot are correct; i will not get a new AI until i have the need for it. I will upgrade more stuff before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaoshead View Post
    So. I have previously gotten some valuable and good advices from this wonderful community, which i am very grateful for. After saving some money, i am ready for an upgrade to my humble studio. And now, i have come to the part where i need to upgrade my interface, where my current one is the Behringer UMC202HD. I feel like i am at the point where i feel like my UMC202HD doesn't cut it anymore. It's more of a bother than anything else. Not sure how to describe it, but i feel that i don't get enough with that interface for my purpose, which is being a voiceover artist/voice actor and a live streamer. While it was good enough when i started with this, i feel like it's about time to do an "upgrade" now, even though that these upgrades seems to be a budget-option...

    A little bit about me and my field of use for the interface:
    - First of all, i am located in a distant village far north of europe (scandinavia), where the nearest studio is...well...not even worth considering for me, hence why my home studio is the only option for me. This also means that shopping on Amazon is NOT an option for me (because Amazon doesn't ship here). Also, there are no nearby places where i can test things out before i buy them, unfortunately.
    - As mentioned, my primary fields are voiceover/voice acting, live streaming, narrating and some occasional podcast, usually with a friend of mine.
    - My budget for the new interface will be up to $300. I understand that i will be rather limited because of this, but i should be able to get an interface that i can work very nicely and quite semi-professionally with, at least from what i have seen elsewhere and others be capable of doing.
    - I don't own a Mac, so i will do all my work through either a laptop or a PC.
    - While i do most of my work alone, i do have a friend i every now and then work together with, but that's usually for podcasting and some voiceover-sessions. Saying this, means that i definitely need an interface with the option to have at least 2 mics available. I will be using Behringer HA400 for the getting the 2x audio outputs.
    - There are no instruments involved in my work. Note: IF i would be using any instrument, it would be to connect a keyboard to it, because my mentioned friend plays keyboard actively, so we might get the idea to do a collab some day, but having a MIDI out/input is not important!

    My current mics:
    - For my voiceover sessions: Røde NT1 and Techzone Audio Stellar X2 (i switch between these, depending on what kind of voiceover job i am doing).
    - For my live streams: Røde Procaster (this works optimal for my kind of voice-range, which is about as average as it get as it is neither deep nor too bright. I can fetch an audio sample if needed?)
    - Note: I will eventually buy TLM102 or 103, depending on my budget, but that'll not be done just yet...

    I have gone through several reviews and videos on youtube and google, and so far, i have noted down the following interfaces that are all in my price range, in no particular order:
    1: SSL2 / 2+ (quite the price difference on the regular and the 2+ it seems, but the SSL2+ do have the MIDI-ports + 2 headphone ports, which can come in handy)
    2: Audient ID14 (apparently, there's ID14 mk2 available as well, but it's quite the price difference between the mk2 and the regular ID14)
    3: Audient EVO4 and EVO8 (considering that both are pretty much identical, evo4 would probably do as fine of a job as evo8, considering that i will have max 2 people using it at once)
    4: MOTU M4 (those MIDI-ports can come in handy at some point, but not for the moment)
    5: Steinberg UR-RT2 (it's a little bit above my price range, so i reckon the others mentioned are as good as this one, or?)

    Out of those 5, it does seem like the SSL2+, EVO4 and M4 are those that seems to be hitting me good, but yea, i am not sure...

    So, with the above things taken into the consideration, what would be the natural upgrade from UMC202HD for me? Any suggestions?

    I hope i have given as much information as needed for you to advice/assist me in buying the right interface. If anything else is needed, do let me know. Pardon for all the tl;dr-text, but i hope i was as thorough as possible.
    This is a bit left field, but for features, had you thought about the Tascam Mini Studio US 42? They're designed for live streaming with features such as mute buttons and programmable sound effects, but have instrument inputs as well. I have various bits of Tascam equipment and it's well made

    I think they might be discontinued, but you could probably pick one up nearly new.

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