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Thread: Tacam DP008EX Export Question

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    Tacam DP008EX Export Question

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    Hello all you fellow musicians! I am new to the whole recording side of creating an album. I recently purchased a Tascam DP008EX and have put down a few keyboard tracks. I now am ready to export, but am confused as to how to go about this.
    I have read the manual through many times and searched videos and forums to no avail. So, now I am reaching out to all you in hopes of figuring this out.

    I have the in/out points set. But, not sure how to convert to a wav file and figure out the partitions, which I think is the next step before I can export onto the computer.

    Any advice on the exact steps to take to make this happen are appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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    Just click Menu Scroll down to Import/Export Click Right Arrow at the bottom right of screen Scroll down to Export If you have Mixed the song down scroll down to Export master. But if its one or all of the 8 tracks just scroll down to Export Click the right arrow again Then select any or all tracks Then hit next The let it run its course. Hook your USB cable up to your computer or shut off Tascam pull SD card out put in computer There will be three folders in there And your wav files will be in the Wav folder.

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