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Are you just making this up, or do you actually have no recording gear at this point?

So maybe you really don't have any gear. A typical audio interface with 2 mic preamps will have combo input jacks that are also line inputs. Of course what a person is recording is important when it comes to choosing gear. The person recording finger-played acoustic guitar wiht no vocals can use different stuff than the person who has is recording rap over pre-recorded tracks, etc.

When you say 'budget is whatever it takes' it makes me believe you are just trolling again. Budget IS a major consideration for a beginner. ANd what they want to accompish with the recordings - do they just want to record rough demos so their band gets an idea what the song is supposed to be like? DO they want to get comfortable wiht a microphone and get arrangements down before going to a professional recording studio, etc. Knowing what the person wants to do - and their experience and abilities is part of the qualification procedure in making recommendations.
Here's a perfectly adequate beginner package: Hal Leonard Alan Jackson - Precious Memories Volume 2 for Piano/Vocal/Guitar (P/V/G) | Musician's Friend
I have enough gear.
3 interfaces
two computers
two DAWs
8 mikes
4 stands
and other misc stuff including cables connectors adapters yada yada