Hey first post I've made here. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to recording, but I'm having a weird problem with pro tools on my macbook pro.
I've made a few recordings using my macbook pro and audiobox setup, and they all have worked fine, and I can play old recordings with no problem. However, recently when I have tried to make a new session, everything I record is high-pitched and plays back faster.
Naturally, I assumed this was a sample rate issue, so I checked the sample rate on my session and the sample rate of my audiobox and they are both set at 44.1 KHz. I've made multiple sessions, each time making sure both my session and audiobox are set to the same sample rate, even changing the sample rate to 48 KHz on both my session and interface, but I run into the same problem. I have even tried unplugging my interface and using the built in microphone on my laptop and it still comes out fast paced and high pitched.
This only occurs on playback, and does not seem to happen when I'm not recording. I have looked everywhere, but I haven't seen anyone yet who has had this problem or knows how to fix it. If anyone has a solution to this problem it would be greatly appreciated.