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Thread: static/feedback like noise

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    static/feedback like noise

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    Hello, I am a beginner and new to these forums so i apologize in advance.

    First, what I am trying to do. I am a swim coach who is trying to play music for my swimmers but would also like to communicate to them as well.

    The equipment I have:
    1W FM transmitter (RangeMaster 1 W Long Range FM Transmitter ? 15 Power Levels) - (88 - 108MHz)
    Shure PGXD system (PGXD14/PGA31 Headworn Wireless System | Shure Americas) - (900MHz)
    Sennheiser evolutionwireless G3 100 series Instrument set (Sennheiser - Headphones & Headsets - Microphones - Integrated Systems) - (566MHz)
    Mackie compact mixer (Mackie Mixer – VLZ4 Compact Mixer Series | Mixing Consoles)

    The set-up:
    Both the Shure and Sennheiser systems use a lavalier hip pack. I use the Shure system to vocally communicate. I use the Sennheiser system, connected via 3.5mm cable to an iPad, to transmit music. I am using these in this way to stay mobile around the pool deck. Both of these two systems are connected via XLR cables into the mixer. I use the Phones jack on the mixer to output music to the FM transmitter (i use this jack so i can control the sound level individually of any other output sources). Sometimes I hook up speakers on deck so others (not in the water) can listen in as well as being able to monitor what they are hearing. I use the main out 1/4" connectors on the mixer. I place my equipment close to the middle of the pool to get the best reception for all equipment.

    The problem:
    This set-up does it's job. Obviously the closer i stand to the receivers the clearer the music and my voice are. The main issue I have is when I practice in my 50m pool. When i start to walk past about 20m (≈ 65 feet) away from everything, I get increasing static or feedback the further I keep walking. This can be heard through the speakers and FM receivers the swimmers are wearing. I have tested the Shure and Sennheiser systems separate of each other and still get this same problem the same distance away. The range of those are supposed to be 200ft so I'm confused as to what is going wrong.

    What would be causing this to happen? What else could I test or try? Is there better or different equipment I should be using? Any solutions or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    "Up to 200 feet" - in ideal situations with no interference from metal in the room, fluorescent lights (likely culprit), etc. Extra-moisture-laden air could also affect it.
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    Interesting situation. The swimmers are wearing waterproof in-ears, yes?

    Most likely what mjbphotos said. Lights, distance...

    Have you had the luxury of trying a different wireless system?

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    Back in the day we were just thrown in the pool and yelled at!

    Music? ... luxurious swim training...

    I suspect mjbphotos is on the money - interference from various things is getting in the way.

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    I suspect several tonnes of dilute hydrochloric acid is having some effect!


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