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Thread: Which sonar version to buy?

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    Which sonar version to buy?

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    Hi, I have Cakewalk pro audio 9 which is an old version and it is difficult to get support. I wish to buy one of the latest versions but am not sure which one to get. The top end versions are very comprehensive and also out of my price range. All I want to do is record myself playing piano in midi either adding maybe two voices from my piano which is a casioCDP220r or adding one or two voices afterwards with th e Sonar software and then convert to wav and make a c d. I really don't want to do much more than this.Which Sonar software would be best for me?Thanks Jack

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    The cheapest version should be fine for your needs. You could also likely get away with something like Reaper, which is even cheaper (free to try).
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