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Thread: Roland JX 3P 2008 Imac

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    Roland JX 3P 2008 Imac

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    Don't judge. I'm using An 2008 iMac running El Capitan 10.11.06 last update available.
    Garage Band 11' 6.0.5 again, last update for this unit Trying to use a roland jx 3p.
    Midi is being seen by garage band but i just can't get any sound Help me Obi Won Is this even possible with this gear.
    I was able to use this keyboard with my 2015 power book but that died can't update computer right now

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    GB recognises the Midi which is good.

    That you are not hearing anything is unsurprising.

    Midi is simply a set of instructions that tell a device which notes to play, when and for how long. It needs a device to create those notes. That device can be either a virtual instrument loaded into a track in GB, or it can be your Roland.

    For you to hear the Roland's audio, you need to be able to hook up its line outputs to your Mac. The usual way this is done is through an audio interface. If you don't have an interface, then your only option is to connect it somehow to the Mac's input.

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