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Thread: Problem with SE DM1 pre amps

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    Problem with SE DM1 pre amps

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    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for your assistance and expertise.

    I cannot get both of my brand new SE DM1 pre amps to work in my podcasting setup: EV RE320 > SE DM1 < LINK Audio Solutions XLR to 1/4" > Behringer UMC202HD > PC.

    I have tried all possible configurations on my interface: Phantom power on vs off, pad on vs off, both inputs volume 0 to max, line vs instrument. I have two RE 320s, tried them both. I have switched cables as well.

    The issue is that my interface cannot receive a signal from either microhphone while using the SE DM1s. When I remove the SE DM1, I get a signal again - with and without phantom power.

    I suppose it's possible that both SE DM1s are defective (although I do hope like heck, of course, that this isn't the case).

    Just curious what your thoughts are. It is entirely possible I am missing something

    Thank you!!

    PS - my apologies for not linking the SE DM1 in this post. As a new poster, I am unable to do so yet.

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    You can't use this>> LINK Audio Solutions XLR to 1/4"
    Your SM DM1 needs to be connected to the UMC202HD with an XLR to XLR cable. Phantom power is not supplied from the 1/4" input of the UMC202HD, thus the SM DM1 is not powered. Only from the XLR connection will you get phantom power.

    Curious..... did you have a problem with the RE320 direct into the UMC202HD without a booster? The RE320 has a moderately hot output, more than a Shure SM57 and in typical use should have enough output for the UMC202HD to work with.

    You could plug the SM DM1 directly into the back of the RE320 or into the UMC202HD if you have only one XLR to XLR cable. Like my RE320 with a FetHead....
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    The chances of both pre amps being faulty are astronomically low. The chances of two cables being faulty are similarly rare so I think it is the UMC that is at fault here. There are two possible reasons I can see..
    1) Phantom power is not reaching the actual XLR pins
    2) The interface cannot supply the very modest 3mA the SE pre amps require.

    Both of these issues (and the test of the cables!) can be diagnosed in a flash with a very modest test meter, something I am constantly telling all music persons to get! So, get thee to Halfords or whatever the carshop is in your 10/20 and buy a $10 "Digital Multi Meter".
    Now plug in an XLR cable and at the mic end put the black, -ve probe in the pin 1 receptacle and check for 48V on pins 2 and 3. If present, plug in a pre amp and then check for 48V at the OTHER XLR input. If that has dropped below 46V the AI cannot deliver anything like the correct 10mA per XLR and I hope it is still in warranty.

    A better check is to dismantle a female end XLR so you can get at the pins with the AI's sockets loaded. Don't worry! Phantom power won't hurt ya! Unless you have skin like new born you won't even feel it.


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    So, Mark - you were 110% correct. This was the case. THANK you, so very much, for your help. And yes, I did try the mic without the booster. It wasn't a huge problem. The only issue is that the noise floor was a bit high for my comfort given my lack of production skills with noise reduction. But, everything sounds GREAT now.

    And ecc83, thanks so much for the feedback and suggestion! I really appreciate the amount of thought that went into your response.

    Kudos, folks - really, really grateful for your help.

    PS - I tried directly responding to both of you. It seems it didn't work.

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