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Thread: Poor quality recordings

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    Quote Originally Posted by BorisMusic View Post
    Hey guys, bringing this one back from the dead

    I came across this little tutorial for the scarlet interface, and looking at the video she plugs the guitar directly and still gets fairly good sound from it. I also have the exact same mic as shown there that I use to now record guitar and vocal tracks. I'd be happy even if I got this kind of quality. ...
    Guitar pickups have their place - on stage - I know some use them to record but I'm not a fan. However, IMO they do sound better with finger style, or in this vid's case, finger strummed guitar. It's when you start using the guitar for picked rhythm that the quacking starts.

    And, anytime someone is singing in a really good voice, the importance of the guitar track diminishes greatly, so you can get away with things that might not work otherwise, too. I think I can record a better guitar track than that, but if I balanced one my vocals against it at the relative volume hers is in this video (i.e., vs the guitar), folks would be running from the room .

    The video seems to skip over connecting the guitar! I can't tell in the actual shots of her playing/singing what's plugged in but the closeup shows two XLR cables going into the 2i2. Pretty shifty how they ignore that part. (Oh, and don't do what they say and connect "speaker cables" to the line outputs on the back.)

    I guess since the F'rite kit they're demoing only includes a single mic, the guitar has to be plugged in, but they could have been more up front about how that's done!
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    I have an Ibanez acoustic/electric that has a balanced as well as a standard TS output. Perhaps that's what is being used. I would not be surprised if the mic is picking up most of the guitar used though. I have only used the balanced out once just to see what it sounds like(not good really) and I had to turn the output of the guitar and the input of the 2i2 as far down as is shown in the video just to keep from overloading the converters. I would guess that some major EQ was going on also.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gtoboy View Post
    and I had to turn the output of the guitar and the input of the 2i2 as far down as is shown in the video just to keep from overloading the converters.
    I guess that's were it went wrong. You need gear that is leveled to each other.
    Working on the borders off overloading is never good. Has to do with working levels off the electronics inside deviating/distorting most at the ends off their ranges.

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    Hey guys, thanks for the comments. I just recorded a new cover few days ago, it's a Queen Medley, but here I'll focus on Bohemian rhapsody snippet of my video. Here is the finalized product, Compressed with EQ with some delay and reverb.

    Here is just the guitar for the Bohemian rhapsody part of the song (first 40 seconds or so) and you can hear how it's really muffled.
    Vocaroo | Voice message

    And in the final link is the extreme EQ'ing I did to get rid of the muffling. Full high frequency boost (probably not good but I guess I had to), and still not happy with the sound after all that.
    Guitar-Compressed —

    (NOTE: the video is not a live performance, it's just me miming, the guitar was actually recorded about 30cm away from the mic aiming where the neck meets the soundhole - as recommended)

    So either; there's something wrong with my mic OR I'm still doing something wrong.

    ALSO NOTE: You can tell how sad I look in the video because this recording business is driving me nuts now.

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