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Thread: Newbie Need A Little Help With Recording Audio Book - What do I need??

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    Newbie Need A Little Help With Recording Audio Book - What do I need??

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    Hello everyone,

    I would like a little advice from a more experienced user.

    I want to record some MP3's of a book I have written. I basically want to break down the the different Audio into Chapters and make a Audio Book. I am looking to do this in my basement and just use my Laptop. I want the recording to be as clean and crisp as possible but I am not looking to take Jimmy Lovine's place anytime soon as a producer LOL. I am really trying to do this on a budget. I do not know what else might be needed. There will be very little editing.

    My questions are:
    I am wanting to know the best software to use (Open Source) if possible.
    A Decent little microphone if needed. Maybe something from Radio Shack.
    Anything else that maybe needed.

    Thanks for any help in advance and also the replies that may come


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    Hi Scott,
    This is truly the bare minimum that you will need.
    A microphone obviously but not some cheap plastic poo from radshak. You will need a "capacitor " or condensor mic. Why? Because the spoken word is at a very low level (about 70dBSPL if you want to get technical about it!) and no kind of cheap (or expensive for that matter!) dynamic mic is going to give you enough, noise free signal into any recording "box" you can afford. Goodish one, start at 50.

    Next is that "box". Called an Audio Interface. These start at around 80 here new but I picked up a really good one, a Tascam US 122L, for 40 from my local Cash Converters about a week ago. Have a browes, make some notes and get back to us.

    Mic stand: V.I.T.A.L! You must have some means of holding the mic in the correct position ref your mouth, sellotaping it to the side of a chair will not do! You only need a small, cheap thing, 15quid here.

    Mic cable: Yes they don't normally supply one but IF you can get AI,mic and stand from one shop, try a bit of blagging!

    Headphones? Well MP3s for peeps wearing buds? Buds then!

    Software: Audacity is free but I would suggest the free Magix download of Samplitude Silver Cloud Edition. Looks like a "proper" DAW* and has a built in free MP3 encoder.

    Someone is sure to mention "usb mic" before long and yes, could work but I have never used one and I know how difficult it is to get "clean" voice overs and I doubt they are quiet enough.

    Have a thunk, shake the Piggy and get back to us.

    *Digital Audio Workstation. Generic term for audio recording software and,confusingly, much else!


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