Cheers Dave! Tony is the name. No formals needed here.
As to monitors £2k is well beyond my means tbh. Come on, Iím only a poor trumpet player in a brass band at the mo. Anyway, our band drummer runs a studio so Iíll probably get a demo together at home then do a day at his place if I think itís worth it. I have a couple of budget mics (ones an M-Audio Luna and the other came with an iTrack dock i recently bought, which btw is useless midi wise). The little recording Iíve done with them seems to come out ok. (Well, Iím pleased with it and thatís what matters I suppose!)
Thanks for your interest and posts.

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Ok "Mr Miller" then! Hah! Yes, you seem to be equipped. What mic(s) do you have and how do you monitor? You will find the active monitor market is well stuffed these days and there is a lot of "dross" about. If you want something reasonably accurate IMHO you should hold out for a pair in the £2000 region.

As you read more here you will see peeps are heavily into room treatment and that at least is something you can do progressively.