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Thread: New backup using too much storage

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    Once you resolve "get[ting] the storage space back," you may want to evaluate whether storage issues (based on keeping material long-term or the simply the size of future projects) will become a storage problem. If you find this to be the case, here are some storage options that are physically larger than flash drives (not misplacable) and allow storage beginning at 1TB: The Rugged Series has palm size storage devices beginning at $90 range that is 1TB; LaCie's d2Series is physically larger in casing and begins with a 4TB selection at $150; it can be daisy chained. Larger storage capacities exist for each design, with increase in price accordingly.

    Having an external back up unit is also a good idea in the event something happens to one's computer or files are accidentally deleted, or you may want to go back and remix as your skills develop.

    I had torn these from a mag but not sure which retailer, probably Sweetwater. B&H is a reputable electronics resources as well. Not sure what G-C offers.

    Welcome to your home recording forum--JeffF.

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    I had to ditch the Windows backup because of this exact reason. It uses an unreasonable amount of storage, and it's not smart about how it chooses what and when to back up.

    I mainly depend on WD SmartWare since I back up to a WD MyCloud NAS. It's certainly not perfect (tends to chew up CPU for unreasonably long periods of time) but I like the on-demand schedule and category backup options. And my computers' CPUs have plenty of overhead to allow this one rogue application to run in the background from time to time. It's pretty good at deciding what to back up and what to not waste time/storage on, and it's real-time instead of being scheduled to run periodically.

    There are several paid versions of backup software out there, it'd be worth finding something that's smarter than Windows' storage hog backup unless you've got a data center in your basement.

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