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    Talking TEAC A-7300-2 Need some help troubleshooting

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    I have a TEAC A-7300-2T.I believe it to be engineered by TASCAM but TEAC labeled. It is a studio PRO unit with built in mixer and 4 XLR inputs. It is all IC controlled.Out of the blue both brake solenoids quit working. They are mechanically free and ohm out the same. I have tried everything suggested in the service manual ( which is very limited. ) and everything suggested checks out OK. If any of of you own this same deck or have had similar issues , PLEASE share the cure. Any viable suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.I don't know if this is a clue or not , but when powered on the pause light turns on and flashes 3-4 times. Possibly part of a self diagnosis? This is the 2nd deck I own and would really like to get my baby up and running again. This unit is PRIMO and REALLY DON'T want to do the parts or repair thing.Thanks
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    If you put "TEAC A-7300-2T" in your heading then those who know your machine will pop in and help.
    Cheers ♫

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