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Thread: Multitrack Computer Recording

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    Multitrack Computer Recording

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    Hello, I have Cakewalk Sonar 4 Producers Editon. I also have a 16 channel passive board. I have been recording for a while but I want to record full bands or at least be able to record the drums and have all of the drums on seperate tracks. It is a pain not being able to seperate the drums. I have researced a bit but sill am not exactly sure what I need. My questions are Do I need a soundcard like the Aardvark Aark24 or Could I go with something like the Presonus Fire Pod? Also does the firewire recognize and seperate the tracks for me or do I have to still have a soundcard? Or can either work? I know I want at least to be able to record 8 seperate tracks at the same time. I am lost on what will help me do this. Any help will be much appreciated.

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    Yes you need a multi input interface.

    I'd say as you already have a mixer with plenty of mic preamps something like the Firepod would be a bit much as that comes with pres on each input and software, none of which you need.
    What's your budget for this? I use an M Audio Delta 1010LT which is a decent quality entry level PCI card, the downside is there is no breakout box (so all the cables are just hanging from the back of the comp) and unbalanced ins/outs on all but 2 of the inputs. For a bit more $ there's the Delta 1010 which has a breakout box and balanced ins/outs. Both these would give you 8 analog ins/outs with MIDI and spdif in/out as well. There are other manufacturers in a similar price range like Echo but I use the M Audio myself so I can vouch for it.
    If you have a bit more money to spare you could look at similar products by RME and MOTU.

    Good luck, hope this helps a bit.

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