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Thread: Monitors Compared to Computer Monitors

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    Monitors Compared to Computer Monitors

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    I know that the two are completely different, and monitors are so that you can get a great basis to mix on for all... but I was wondering what a suggestion would be, and if my computer sound was routed to the monitors (could this be done through FirePod interface?) to listen to iTunes stuff... would it sound great or like crap?

    I am on a Powerbook G4 1.5Ghz and I plan to record live situations and studio situations of jazz combos and solo performance, so I plan to record everything at once, but I want to have monitors to reference this to, in real time (because I don't plan to use many effects, except maybe something for mixdown) so, for a jazz recording, is there a specific kind you suggest? Could they be also used to listen to music from the computer, or would they sound bad? Any suggestions would help. Thanks.
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    I'm not going to recommend a specific monitor to you because the options are nearly endless, but I would suggest purchasing powered monitors for your situation. (meaning monitors with amplifier's built in) If you are recording live music and find yourself without a separate room in which to monitor through speakers use heaphones while recording. The firepod eliminates the need for an external mixer so you can record straight into it and onto harddisk. It has a headphone amp, and your powered monitors can be connected directly to the firepods outputs. Very portable setup really. I would rely mostly on headphones for live recordings depending on the room, because listening over speakers even as a reference will likely give you unfavorable results because of the acoustics ( reflections, bass build up etc..) of most untreated rooms. Thats why we go through such lenghths to build rooms with proper dimensions, and treat them in studios. Hope this helps.


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