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Thread: mixing in mono with 2 speakers.

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    Isn't that because stereo was an effect, rather than an attempt at realism. My dad had a stereo and one speaker went in the kitchen and the other in the living room. All the old stuff sounded fine, but his system failed with stereo big band where the saxes were in the kitchen and the brass in the other room. Do-wop, do-wop sounded weird, as they were using hard panning and reverb, so in one room there was just the stereo reverb, and none at all of the source. Bit by bit we crept to a realistic image. The Beatles had this hard panning too. I find that I'm very keen now on very mild panning, I never seem to go to the extreme ends of the l-r range. I also can't tell if an instrument suddenly becoming louder is real loudness or just suddenly occupying a space that was empty.

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    In the earliest stereo consoles the only pan control was a switch: left, center or right. It wasn't an artistic decision to hard pan things, the pan knob just hadn't been invented.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rob aylestone View Post
    The Beatles had this hard panning too
    Perhaps it was because I was listening so much on phones {although for 40 + years it hasn't bothered me} but I found myself this summer getting really irritated by many of the Beatles' stereo mixes. It's not that I'm against, for example, hard panning of drums per se, because I have a lot of music that hard pans bass and drums and I like them. But there was just something about the way the vocals and drums, for example, would occupy one channel and the guitar and bass the other {or whatever the combination was} that I found irritating. In the end, I made a list of all the ones I was going to change and spent a while doing it. In Audacity there is an option to convert to mono so I did that. Some of the songs in stereo, even on albums like "Help !" that have irritating mixes, are great. Other not. I was amazed at how much I got picky about "Revolver," "Pepper" and "MMT" while the stereo version of "Rubber Soul" should be deported in my view ! So now, all my Beatle albums are a mixture of stereo and mono mixes depending on the song. I also found the same thing with the Pretty Thing' "SF Sorrow." Actually, it had been annoying me for a while. A few of the stereo mixes were OK but I had to alter most of them. And they sound much better. The percussion interlude of "Baron Saturday" sounds totally different in mono thabn stereo ~ in stereo it just slurs, slows and breaks down. All that disappears in mono. I could have just bought the alternative versions but I've already paid and I'm not into having several copies of the same piece of music. I like music ~ I'm not a collector.
    Quote Originally Posted by rob aylestone View Post
    I find that I'm very keen now on very mild panning, I never seem to go to the extreme ends of the l-r range
    For me it really depends on the song, what's in it and how I feel it can best be represented in a coherent way. But I do sometimes pan to the extremes. In saying that though, I pan everywhere and in the course of a song, almost every pan position might be used. Although I've never specifically thought about it, no two songs I've mixed have the same pan structure.

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