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Thread: Mini disk newbies: How to record live audio, and make audio CD's

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    Mini disk newbies: How to record live audio, and make audio CD's

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    Ok. The pros can skip this. I just figured something out here and it's got to be useful to newbies.

    I was trying to burn an audio Cd from my mini disk recorder (Sony NF 810) of live performances, picked up with a mic into my minidisk.

    Turns out with my new laptop it was really, really simple.

    You need:

    1. A minidisk recorder with a line out mini plug, and a decent microphone, designed for the minidisk recorder. (The cheap ones are only "voice" recorders, so, make sure yours has a real "line out" plug.)
    2. A laptop with a line in mini plug.
    3. A stereo mini plug cable, meaning stereo mini plugs on each end. (Radio Shack)
    4. Download Audacity for free. Google it.

    After you record your live music with your mini disk recorder and mic, connect it to the laptop with the mini plug cable.
    Download Audacity. Open a new project. In preferences, select your destination for files. Close and re-open audacity.
    hit play on the mini disk and record on audacity.
    Export those files in wav form to your desktop. Open Windows Media Player and choose burn. Drag the wav files to the burn list and insert a CD.


    You're burning your own live recordings.

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    Arrow Just caught your second post, here.

    Thank you!........
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