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Thread: Microphone Preamp + Mixer with Preamp question

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    Microphone Preamp + Mixer with Preamp question

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    Hello first of all!

    I'm rather new to this interconnect and daisychain business, but received great deals on some Behringer gear, so I bought the:

    Behringer Ultragain PRO MIC 2200 and the Behringer Composer PRO-XL MDX2600 Compressor/Limiter, needless to say I paid about sub 150EUR for both and while I might not need them per-se, I'm glad I got them and I have 2 microphones, me and my lady.

    They work superiorly fine in tandem, and output quite nicely to my PC for podcasts and what not, but now I'd like to include a mixer to all this so I can include different sources, and since both those already bought devices are nicely stored in my rack, I'm looking at the Behringer EURORACK PRO RX1202FX, it's overkill for me, for sure, but it's also 120EUR not really a fortune and it might come handy in the future.

    Now my question, since I already have the dedicated Mic Preamp component with the Ultragain PRO, is it a problem that the mixer also comes with Mic preamps? Will there be any problems when I drive the signal from the Compressor to the Mixer or will it work without problems?

    Thanks for any answers and sorry if I'm asking stupid questions and you need to face palm.
    P.S.: Sorry can't post links until I have 10 posts.

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    Not at all. A dedicated mike preamp will add "color" to the character of the microphone. The preamps on the mixer are supposed to be color neutral. There are lots of mikes run through multiple preamps for lots of different reasons. There aren't going to be phase or voltage or impedance matching problems by doing so. Same with your C/L. It's designed to work that way, but it is usually better to run this as an Aux (chaining the C/L into the aux in/out) and being able to run both mics through via the aux sends on the channels (FX knob on the 1202).

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