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Thread: Mic doesn't fit mic stand?

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    I am not certain about that exact mic model, but the adapter for a camera type stand (the brass thing inside) needs to be removed to get enough thread grab for a heavier mic. They usually donít come with them inserted and could be challenging to remove, but sometimes using an eraser from a pencil will provide enough friction to remove it... good luck.

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    Hate to be coming in late on this, but I think the whole deal is he said he got the stand with the adapter, so that's probably why it fits. And because it's plastic, that throws me, too. I've never seen any mic stand that had plastic threads. Standard is standard. The mic is the standard size, so finding a stand that fits the mic is what he needs to do.

    There are adapters for such things, but I don't know if any of these would do the job. There are quite a few to pick from, just in case you are interested.
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    A bit off topic, but this thread brought up an issue I ran into.

    I recently pulled out an old Shure 55 that our band used when I was playing in the late 60s and early 70s. Serial number was 5928V which means 28th week of 1959. Its got the three impedance switch, and luckily I still had the Amphenol tipped cable! Anyway, its been over 40 years since I fired it up, and decided to plug it in and see what it sounded like.

    Much to my surprise, it did not fit on any of my current mic stands. It slid right over the threads with some room to spare. It didn't do that in 1970, as the drummer used it (securely) for a vocal mic on a boom. The calipers measured 11/16ID. Does anyone know if there was a change in thread size from the 50s to the current 5/8 27thread standard?

    I also found an old high impedence Unidyne B 515A and an EV 1750 Electret condenser mic. I haven't plugged either of those up yet.

    Now if I only had old Fuzz Face and Fender Blender! Alas, those appear to have walked away years ago.

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