I'm loving the sounds of the akoustik piano and the sounds in Reaktor 3 too.
since getting run over by a car and getting paid off i want to spend some money.
I basically want to get a nice nice nice vst piano for use in cubase 5 and also lots of good sounding sampled instruments without compromise. the only thing i thought from the demos is that its almost too clinically clean.
Massive has got some Phat (forgive me) sounds to it too. my genre is piano and acoustic guitar and strings. but i also compose popular music. i'd like to do sounds for tv one day too. good soundsing drums sampled well????
Whilst i do like writing anything that comes into my head i'll just say i don't mosh to metal. well not when im composing.
Any ideas for others i can look out for. im lost in a world full of brand names. have been impressed by native instruments before though so ???
any help appreciated.
I am also learning and working on my mic techniques for live instruments because i beleieve nothing beats a natural nuance that can never be reproduced.
the confinds of my bedroom make it hard to fit the london philharmonic orchestra in though lol.